Volunteers Sportdokters.nl

The volunteers of Sportdokters.nl are classified into various categories:


- Doctors (orthopedic surgeons, traumatologists, emergency physicians, anesthesiologists, general practitioners)

- Emergency Care nurses

- Intensive Care nurses

- Basic nurses

- Paramedics

- Ambulance drivers

- Drivers of medical cars (all in possession of a driving license)

- Motorcyclists

- First-aid helpers

- Physiotherapists


The volunteers of Sportdokters.nl are all active in daily practice. The hospital, the ambulance or in a physiotherapist practice. They all enjoy the sport and have a lot of experience in the medical guidance of sports events.


Within the team of Sportdokters.nl there is a great sense of solidarity, characterized by sportmanschip, enthusiasm, professionalism and sociability. All this benefits the medical support, because enthusiasm and expertise spreads widely.

A widely heard comment from athletes: "Nice to see you again, we are in good hands today."


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Sportdokters.nl welcomes you and shows what we stand for!


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