Who are we?

Stichting Sportdokters.nl is a foundation aimed at providing medical and paramedical assistance to sports events through the deployment of volunteers, materials and vehicles. We provide high-quality professional medical care at sports events. With our experienced and well-trained staff, equipment and vehicles, we are your ideal partner in every field.


Our medical team, with many years of service, has been carefully composed by professional medical training and experience from the daily practice of healthcare. This guarantees a team that is capable of an adequate assessment of the health status and treatment of any disturbed health patterns. Furthermore, the team surveys potential risks and disturbances, and observes, monitors and stabilizes the care provider if needed. We work according to protocols and guidelines that align with the national standard of regular ambulance care (National Protocol Ambulance Care 8.1) and Basic Life Support Assistance (Red Cross, Orange Cross and First Aid Network).


The teams, that are composed based on an organization's request, are provided based on years of experience in the kind of competitions in which they are deployed. Many of our volunteers have more than 25 years of experience in the different kind of competitions.


To achieve this goal, much is demanded of our organization. Professionalism, expertise and passion for the profession is a necessity. All of our volunteers possess such quality characteristic and are also trained that way.


Equipment is of great importance for providing optimal care. For example, our fleet of vehicles must comply with all requirements and, of course,must be technically in good condition. Moreover, a good cooperation and consultation with other emergency services are of great importance, such as municipal health services (GGD,GHOR, NOVADIC), ambulance services, dispatchers and hospitals. Prevention is better than cure. Numerous events have shown that our deployment for a good ending has been of great importance.


With the deployment of our volunteers and vehicles, we support many events throughout the year. Sportdokters.nl possesses a wealth of experience to fill in the deployment according to requirements and guidelines for the client. The amount of volunteers, materials and vehicles at bigger events are established on account of the Risk Inventory Scan.


Sportdokters.nl also helps with the application and license requirements that are necessary for the event. Sportdokters.nl has short lines and good contacts with municipalities, security regions and the municipal health services to make sure the deployment in an event goes well. At small-scale events, the deployment will be determined together with the client.


Every event is unique. From sports day at the tennis club to major sports events with tens of thousands of visitors. Sportdokters.nl can make every realization possible with volunteers, vehicles, materials, safety products and knowledge sharing. Every component can be requested separately.


Sportdokters.nl has an international professional liability insurance and company liability insurance.