What does Sportdokters.nl do?

Sportdokters.nl is an organization which purpose is to organize, coordinate and support sports events reliably. These sports events are both in recreational sport and top sport. Medical care in the sports world is often the closing post on the organization's budget. In view of the increase in injuries and the severity of the injuries, it is no longer possible to see the maintenance of human health as a closing post. A too late onset of treatment, because of having to wait for regular care, may have disastrous consequences for an athlete.



Sportdokters.nl does not differentiate in medical treatment between a professional athlete or a recreational athlete. Every athlete deserves proper medical care in case of injury. After all, due to an adequate approach and start of treatment of an injury, an athlete can be send to a specialist quickly. With this, Sportdokters.nl contributes to a reduction in sickness absence and thereby reduces the costs of care.