Our goals

1. One of our goals is to provide sports events with the highest available but also affordable assistance provided by healthcare professionals. This assistance complies with all requirements laid down in the applicable legislation. The guidelines, which apply to primary care within the field of acute sports medicine, will be implemented. By complying with these laws and regulations, Sportdokters.nl guarantees qualitative high care in cooperation with its partners, regardless the size, location or branch of sport. Sportdokters.nl does this based on a customized risk analysis. In addition, we have close contact with the GHOR and our risk analyzes are tested. Our assistance complies with the requirements that are issued in the license for the relevant event.

Sportdokters.nl has a medical coordinator who discusses both the start-up phase as the evaluation with the organizer. An event-oriented medical plan forms part of the services of Sportdokters.nl.

Through close cooperation with various partners, Sportdokters.nl opts for maximum care quality within a very affordable price. For the health of your body and members, you do not have to pay the main price at Sportdokters.nl.


2. The other objective is to organize, coordinate and guide in all branches of sport, except for car- and motorsports.

The biggest experience of Sportdokters.nl lies within cycling, especially road races at both national and international level. The cycling sport as a whole, with all of its facets (track, cross, road and mountain bike) fits Sportdokters.nl like a glove.

With 25 years of experience in this branch of sport, the team members of Sportdokters.nl are no strangers in the world of cycling.

The quality of care, contact with the athletes and their supervisors are central to the care of Sportdokters.nl.

We speak the language of the athlete, we know each other and have respect for each other. The care speaks for itself,

 "The rider's language is the gesture of the doctor"


3. Another objective is to improve and vouch for the quality of sports medical care by providing evidence-based medical knowledge, in combination with expertise of the traumatologist, orthopedic surgeon, emergency physician and paramedics such as the physiotherapist, osteopath, exercise physiologist and sports dietician. In addition, the volunteer is given the opportunity to attend training.


4. Another important goal is to not only let the professional and the recreational athletes sport safely, but also the disabled athlete gets the attention he needs. The disabled athlete is often subordinate in the sports world, while their performances are inferior to the healthy athlete. Sportdokters.nl also supports these athletes in their sports activities.


5. The handling of ethical values and standards within sport. Ethics in sport is gaining importance; fair play, respect and tailor-made sports: Sportdokters.nl make an effort for this well. We do not use a contest regulation, we use evidence based practice and medical guidelines. But apart from all these guidelines, laws and regulations, we especially use the athlete as a man in his experience in his world and his emotion in sport.


6. Sportdokter.nl uses qualitative tools. Everyone who works in the sports care needs to have current knowledge in this area. Where it appears that this knowledge is lacking, Sportdokter.nl will, in cooperation with its partners, provide training that will help maintain this quality standard. Sportdokters.nl also uses the Long Life Learning terminology.